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We often see interviews in the morning papers or magazines. There are always at least two participants in the survey-the person who asks questions and the other person who gave the interview. The interview is made to learn the opinion of the person about a particular problem, the event, etc. It is also a good basis for one of the academic assignments interview interviews. Before you know how to write an essay and start preparing it, we recommend that you remember (or find out) a more detailed definition of this record

What a interview is for an interview: Definition and process

The essence of the essay is intended to give a concrete idea of the object, event or event based on the answers of various people. So, if you want to get these answers, you need to do an interview. After analyzing your answers, you should organize and process them appropriately and consider incorporating them into your work. What is the interview process?

  • Define the purpose of your entry. Select a theme
  • Create a list of questions for your companion
  • Select the users you want to poll for
  • Interview and record all the answers
  • Process the results and implement them as best they can
  • Write the paper for the interview. Select the format essay and the selected format
  • If you are already aware of the features and requirements of the interview, you will be ready to structure your future essay, which means the creation of the scheme!

    Interview essay outline: Display and format

    In addition to the main details of your essay, including the introduction, body and opinion, we recommend that you start preparing your paper using an essay design that will show the logical structure of your work and help you keep the basic idea throughout the document. If you are looking who write your essay look here https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html So, what are the basic facts about the essay interview?

  • Introduction: Getting to know the main essay topic and attracting their attention
  • Theory is a proposal (or a number of suggestions) that contains some information about the participant of the interview (participants) and the central question or history.
  • Part of the body (3 paragraphs): Each paragraph may contain a description of the different ideas expressed by one person or different views on the same matter expressed by different people.
  • Conclusion: Draw a complete picture of who you have been sastin ‘, or write your opinion on the basis of their answers.
  • When you decide what you’re going to do in each specific piece of paper, or even before, there is another important thing-you have to choose the interview format for the interview. There are at least three main types: description, dialog boxes, and Q & A

  • Description. You can use not only the direct speech of a person, but also other words, enclosed in quotation marks, and add your own thoughts. This type of essay gives you more freedom to analyze, and you can omit any unnecessary or unnecessary information.
  • Dialogues. He has a less rigid essay style than the rest. Here you have several options, how to address the audience (the narrative of the first or second person).
  • Q & A. When you write an interview in Q & A format, you should only use exact rates without any changes. The most common way to look at this format is in the logs, and it is better to implement it if you have only one interviewer.
  • Select the format that will make your essay ideal and exciting, and move to the \”A\” statement on the paper for the interview

    How to start an essay interview: state of question

    The main question you want to answer should be a story about it. To title the main problem of your essay, but to make it interesting for the audience. Choose a theme that will be of interest to your companion-it will provide pleasant and unusual answers that will make your interview more pleasant. How do I write an opening interview? Don’t forget to include your thesis!

    The main purpose of the interview can only be to present a particular person to your audience. In this case, some background facts will be included in your thesis for the dissertation. If you want to analyze the ideas of different people to create a background for your own output, you should point out the basic question and prepare your reader to what your interview will be about. The enclosed parenthesis is always clear and clear. You must make sure that it is properly maintained throughout your essay. Since you know how to write a dissertation about the interview and get a brief introduction, it is time to move confidently to the body part of the letter

    Body of interviews: Your firm foundation

    Your essay might look different depending on the format you choose. However, there are several general requirements that must be met. Thus, part of the body should contain information obtained during the interview. This means that the questions you are about to ask should be considered in advance, as this will provide you with more effective interviews and informative responses. If you recorded the interview, make sure you use all the answers as they are, without any changes. If you are writing in \”Q & A\” format, check the punctuation and follow the structure requirements. If you choose a narrative format, your task will use the analytical and critical thinking skills to successfully use the answers you have received to support your own ideas or to better reveal the identity of the participant (or participants) of your interview

    To make the bulk of your paper more interesting, you will analyze it thoughtfully. You can also use relevant statistics to make your composition well-founded. Moreover, if you have more than one participant, you can compare their responses to obtain the views of both experts and each of them, or to confirm or deny your thesis. Sometimes the essay you are asked to write may be based on the results of a public opinion poll that you have to conduct. In this case the number and age group of participants should be indicated. As you can see, many factors may affect the content and format of your body part. However, the main rule is to be attentive and try to think in advance-it is the right way to the final part of the interview-conclusions

    How to finish the interview in full

    In fact, you have a lot of ways to finish the interview. A proper conclusion on the interview can highlight the following aspects:

  • your response to the answers;
  • impact of responses to your own thoughts;
  • response to your introductory question based on interviews;
  • changes in the general statistics that are affected by the responses received
  • Logical completion of storytelling (if you just told someone a story)
  • In addition, the conclusion can prove or disprove the idea you made at the beginning of your essay. The issue must be reasonable and consistent. You shouldn’t be neglecting and correctly reading your interview to avoid ordinary or stupid mistakes. We hope that our recommendations were informative, and we wish you good luck with your survey