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Does your company need a website? In today's market, having a web presence is crucial to stay in front of your customers. It is an expected part of each business, and it’s the FIRST-place customers go to check out who you are and what you do. According to the American Marketing Association, 52% of consumers go directly to a company’s website for branded content and product information, while only 25% got to Social Media. If your company doesn’t have a website, they will go to your competitor’s site.

With your own website, you are in complete control of what is being said, displayed, and offered by your company. Without a website, you’re relying on Google to try to find you, Facebook to hopefully set a good image of your company out to the world, or worst yet, competitor reviews. In other words, without your own website, you’re relying on everyone else to talk about your business, not you. It’s your business, you own it and run it. You need to be the one talking about it.

Another great reason you need a website is your competitors all have one! Thinking you’re going to compete in any real capacity online without a website, while all your competitors have websites is foolish. It’s not even a competition at that point, and your competitors know it!

By adding an email list, your website can generate repeat sales as well as provide useful information about new or highlighted services or products. It’s a great way to get feedback to keep track of what your customers want and need.

Most importantly, your company website is the easiest way to showcase your products and services in the best light. You may offer similar services to your competition, but only your website can highlight what makes your business special and unique to your industry.

At Think Tank Designs & Online Marketing, LLC, we understand that each company is unique and needs a website that is built to suit their needs. The look, feel, and language on the site itself needs to reflect your business the way you want it to be. We offer an inexpensive solution and set you on the right path with marketing strategies to help promote your new website.

Is your website more than 5 years old? You'll need a makeover to be able to stay relevant in Google's search. The same is true if you use a template site. Since Google doesn't index duplicate content, template and franchise sites are no longer eligible for search criteria. Many, many times it’s easier to build a new site and market it than to continually fight Google's algorithm on your old site. If you have a franchise site, we HIGHLY recommend doing a custom coded site for marketing purposes. Since we build our websites specifically from a MARKETING perspective, we can build it so it looks like you want it to, but "reads" like what Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Siri are looking for to get you to page 1. If you need a stronger presence or want to really dominate your local market, we are GEO Targeting specialists, helping local businesses take over their competition on the web. When you're ready to kick up your site’s search capacity, let us know. We will get your phone ringing with new customers to keep you busy. (505) 565-2898.