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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing 

What is it?

Mobile marketing is marketing specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets. It is not only a different way to code the ads, but marketing to a different mindset as well. Mobile has some very unique features that, when marketed correctly, can really rocket a business, and some of these features can only be found through mobile marketing.

For instance, when messages and ads come across a phone, the message is perceived in the mind as coming from a friend. It is more easily accepted and the mind is more open to reading the message. It’s literally like a friend sending you a picture: you read it because you trust them and have a relationship. The same goes for mobile: anything coming across it is from that “friend” and therefore is opened. And because it’s mobile, it’s also more easily shared to other mobile devices.

With the ease of use now associated with mobile search and sites, it’s important for businesses to understand they need to market on mobile as a part of their marketing strategy.

How to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business

Mobile Marketing is the newest wave of marketing to capitalize on the growing phone and tablet technologies available. Also known as “Interactive Marketing”, mobile marketing allows you to stay in touch with your customers faster, with a much better response-time from them. By keeping them involved with your offers, customers spend 67% more, on average, when they come back!


Think about it: what are the 3 things you NEVER leave the house without?


1). Keys


2). Wallet/Purse


3). Your CELL PHONE!


Do you really think you’re the only one that doesn’t have their phone more than 3 feet from them at all times? (Hint: You’re not alone!)

By marketing on cell phones through mobile websites, you reach new customers in the way THEY want to be reached, making them more accepting of your offers.

And if you’re not sure if EVERYONE is on a phone, just go to any local restaurant or café. Watch the people for a moment. You’ll see them all on their phones, one way or another. They might be talking to someone, but they’re checking their devices. They’re looking at emails. They’re on social media. They’re texting. Mobile Marketing is how a business gets all of these people to see your ad!

Google believes in mobile so much that, as of April 21, 2015, mobile has its own search platform! With more than 54% of ALL GOOGLE searches coming from mobile phones (98% in MOST categories), can you afford not to be mobile?


How Does It Work?

We offer several mobile solutions from mobile websites (a MUST have for any business online) to QR Code campaigns (scan directly to your coupon, email list, or special offers) to mobile marketing campaigns. We work with you to decide what you want to advertise, who you want to reach, and the best platform to reach them on. It’s mobile marketing that we tailor to your business.


We offer support services no one else has such as:

Making sure your site appears on Google’s MOBILE search!

Driving additional traffic to your mobile website or QR campaign.

Helping you create advertising campaigns designed to keep your mobile services interactive and keeping your customers “tuned in”.

Continual updates on advances in the technology to help keep your mobile campaign active and productive.



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