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Mobile Website

Why You Need A Mobile Website

On April 21, 2015, Google released a separate algorithm for Mobile search. What this means for business is if you don’t have a true Mobile website, you won’t come up in Mobile search.

Mobile search applies to smart phones and iPads. (As of this date, tablets no longer qualified as a mobile device). In most categories, more than 54% of ALL search is done from a mobile device. Active categories, such as restaurants and activities, the search goes up to 98% mobile!

A Mobile Website is built differently than a regular HTML website, therefore it shows up differently on a mobile phone or tablet. Unfortunately, some of the more known computer hosts offer a “mobile compatibility” option, but the truth is they just don’t work the same. It is shrunken and when expanded you can’t follow where you are on the page. They also contain too much information. Your mobile website should NEVER be a smaller version of your HTML site. If it comes up “shrunken”, your potential customer will click off long before ever trying to expand it. Too many click offs and Google thinks your site is broken and downgrades your ranking. ( Have you noticed your site falling off page 1 or 2 since mobile became important? The reason could be your click off rate!)


Keep in mind, if your customers can’t see your site, scroll through it to the information they’re looking for, or get the directions they need in about 30 seconds, they’re going to click off your site before it even loads. What’s more, as of April 21, 2015, if your website isn’t mobile, it won’t show up on mobile search. That means anyone looking from a mobile phone WON’T FIND YOU when searching from a mobile phone. With well over 54% of all searches coming from mobile devices, can you really afford NOT to be mobile?


Are you trying to use a QR Code in your marketing? Do you know that a QR Code can ONLY be scanned from a mobile device? Does your QR go to a mobile website or mobile landing page? If not, why would you send a mobile device to a non-mobile site? We can help you make sure your customers are getting the information you want them to have, delivered in the format they chose. We can direct your QR code campaign in a way that produces results, even using print advertising!


A mobile website has 1 purpose only, and needs 3 crucial items to work correctly. What is the purpose? Give us a call and we’ll tell you! (505) 565-2898.