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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization services are designed to help your site appear in search engine results, typically through keywords, RSS feeds, and content stuffing a site. It’s a term that gets thrown around and is greatly misunderstood. SEO tactics are considered “old school” and most of them don’t work. They just didn’t keep up with what the algorithms are actually looking for. Old school SEO doesn’t work because:

·         Outdated tactics such as keyword stuffing (which can actually cause your site to get downgraded)

·         Not enough new or current information to let the algorithms correctly rank your site

·         Incredibly unreliable results

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, generally is the term for using paid search plus SEO tactics to try to increase your website’s results online. While Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View might seem like a great idea,( you pay a dollar and get a client, right?), seldom is there a good, if any return on that investment. The biggest problems with SEM are:

·         It’s a very expensive marketing tactic

·         Results are unreliable at best

·         Your competitors can click down your ads, costing you for zero results

Our marketing term of choice is Online Marketing. Our process is an all-inclusive marketing tactic that gives the search engines exactly what they’re looking for, in the forms they want to receive it, so your site gets ranked fast and continually gets traffic results. By using a more all-inclusive marketing strategy, your customers have several ways to receive your information, and respond, making it a much more interactive system for them.

Online Marketing includes, but isn’t limited to:

·         Current content marketing with correct keyword placement

·         Correct word count per pages

·         Social Media set up and managed per BUSINESS requirements, not social requirements

·         Videos placed on the right channel for ranking

·         Backlinks and crosslinks done correctly

·         Images tagged correctly

·         A correct NAP so all of your information lines up correctly

·         And MUCH, MUCH more. This year alone Google has over 240 requirements they are using as an initial scan point of reference for each website!

Our Online Marketing specializes in getting you phone calls, customers in your door, and your products sold in various chains, or channels. We use current marketing tools and know what the search engines are looking for. By staying up to date with all the current algorithm changes, we are able to continually tweak the system, keeping you current as well. By staying ahead of the game, your business benefits by always being first in line on the web. We also buffer your website against the ever-changing requirements for SEO from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and now Siri, by making sure your site is changed BEFORE the requirements take effect. It keeps your placement steadier on the search engines, instead of bouncing around.

Google’s requirements change constantly, and that’s just one search engine. They all have their own rules. Why not go with a specialist who knows the search engine optimization requirements, instead of guessing what they might be? Each business is unique, and our SEO solutions are designed to accommodate your business’s needs and highlight what makes your business special.


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