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Google + (G+)

G+ is Google's social media platform. Created to compete with Facebook, G+ is a slower-pace social media platform that utilizes Google’s marketing algorithm to help boost your site based on how social you’re being. Google + is a more robust social media in that it is strictly business based, allowing you to post updates, ads and specials, as well as link to your map and website for these updates. The site itself carries a heavy advantage in grading your social media within Google’s algorithm.


By requiring everyone to have a Google + account to be allowed to write reviews, or claim a Google map spot, the G+ community is constantly growing, making it an interesting platform for new businesses. Much like Google maps, G+ is in a constant state of updates and improvements as Google tries to find the best solutions to help small businesses be more social while maintaining the business attitude.


The most social part of Google + is Hangouts. Here a business can “see” what people are talking about and offer their advice or services. Completely interactive, Hangouts has quickly become a hot choice for millennials that like to stay in the know.


While creating a G+ account is free, managing it the correct way for business can be tricky. As the algorithms and updates change you really have to stay on top of it so as to not get penalized for posting against what is recommended by Google. It can be frustrating to say the least. If done correctly, however, it can be a HUGE boost to your social media ranking factors.


Having a Social Media Manager to handle your G+ account is the best way to let your company utilize all of the cross marketing that can take place in your G+ account. They can work directly with your marketing team to ensure all advertisements, coupons/offers, are posted correctly for the right amount of time. They can trace the interaction to let you know what posts did the best, allowing you to stay on top of what is working and what isn’t. This up to the minute feedback can really help your marketing team decide which direction is the right one for your company.


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