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Think Outside The Box Marketing


Instagram is one of the newest “big boys” of social media, and has a huge following. And before you start worrying that Instagram is only for Millenials, don't. Instagram has huge potential for business, and it creates a great image for your business, as well as helping with your reputation.


Instagram is a picture-based social media platform. Facebook is pretty visual, and Twitter has pictures, but they are definitely more text-based than Instagram. Every post requires a picture. And it's completely mobile, which means that it requires a phone or tablet in order to post a picture.


As with Twitter and Facebook, Instagram does allow videos of up to a minute on it. The whole key to Instagram is to be visual, and it can work for any business.


Don't believe me? Here are a few examples.


Say you own a law-firm. Most people wouldn't consider a law-firm to be visual, and because of confidentiality laws, you certainly wouldn't want to share details of the cases you're taking on. That doesn't mean you can't share tips to your followers, helping to protect them in the future and making you look like the expert.


Or you might own a flower shop. Most flower arrangements are unique, so posting pictures of each one gives people an idea of what kind of arrangements you do.


Or (for a final example) say you run a bed and breakfast. You might post pictures of the meals you provide, or the house itself, or even pictures of the special events you host.


Instagram is incredibly versatile, and is one of the few sites that uses the hashtag, making it easier for your posts to be found and liked.