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Think Outside The Box Marketing


As social media sites go, Twitter gets a bad rap. Between the celebrity fights and the politics, it can be a little intimidating to get onto Twitter, especially for a business. There's no reason to fear the little blue bird, though.


Twitter is all about keeping it short and sweet. Tweets can only be 140 characters. This might cut some of our ramblers down, but for the majority of businesses, this shorter message is a good thing. Like Facebook, pictures and videos are encouraged, so that followers get a rounded view of your and your business.


Unlike most other social media sites, more information on Twitter is a good thing. It's actually hard to spam on Twitter (it's not impossible, though: there are businesses who pull of spam here, too). The reason for this is because the messages are short, your followers are able to get lots of information in bite-size bits, making it easier to swallow.


In fact, most people expect more information from companies on Twitter. Twitters _________ faithful tweeters have come to learn that more tweets are a good thing, especially from businesses they're interested in. More is better…here.


The other thing that makes unique is that, unlike most other social media platforms, Twitter is actually more about words than pictures. Sure, there are lots of pictures floating around Twitter, but the majority of tweets are opinions, facts, tips, and other sentences, image-free. This is great for businesses, because there always seems to be an abundance of literature and a lack of images.


Twitter is incredibly interactive, which means that there will also be a lot of liking and retweeting. Never fear! Retweeting simply means that you're involved in your community or in key issues that your business represents. For example: if you're in the solar industry, and you retweet about energy-saving measures in another country, that's great! You're showing your following that not only are you the expert in your field, here, but you also care about what's happening in your field abroad. It might not be anything that directly involves you, but it is something that involves the solar industry, and that's what makes it interesting. The people following you on Twitter will find it interesting, too. It starts a conversation, and that's the key of social media.